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Siddhi Dance Academy

We offer a comprehensive dance curriculum to students of ages five and above. Our institute is committed to motivating young minds towards classical art. The primary genre of instruction being Bharatanatyam, we provide a well-rounded dance education by organising workshops to give our students the best exposure to the dance world. We aim to instil in them - discipline, healthy body-mind, and cultural learning. We give particular importance to strength and flexibility to help avoid injuries and make better dancers.

Surabhi Bharadwaj - Bharatanatyam, Indian Classical Dancer

Founder|Artistic Director

Surabhi Bharadwaj - Dancer | Choreographer | Yoga Instructor | Lighting Designer | Actor
A seasoned Bharatanatyam dancer who has won accolades through her performances across India, USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Surabhi is an Empanelled Artist of ICCR, Government of India. She has been a faculty for yoga and dance at Saint Mary’s College, CA and University of Nevada, Reno. Surabhi is trained under eminent Gurus in India including Sri. K M Raman, Smt. Radha Sridhar and Guru B Bhanumati. She studied Karanas under Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam and Smt. Nirupama Rajendra. She holds Master of Fine Arts in Bharatanatyam and MFA in Dance: Design & Production. Her education and her experience working as the Principal Dancer in two leading Bharatanatyam companies in India (Punyah Dance Company and in Raadha Kalpa Dance Company) have given her an edge in both the artistic and technical aspects of bringing dance productions to life.

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Our Mission

To share the joy of dancing as we build a new generation of professional-level dancers.

Dance education encompasses far more than movement and technique. Apart from a well-rounded dance training, our goal at SDA is also to give the students the opportunity to experience teamwork and help them be more empathetic, appreciative, and supportive. We help them understand what they can achieve through dedication, discipline, and hard work.