frequently asked questions


What is Yokayam?

YOKAYAM™ is a 3-in-1 full body workout program that is structured using Yoga, Kalaripayattu (Indian Martial Arts) & Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance). It was conceptualized and introduced by Surabhi Bharadwaj as a way to reach diverse communities through these art forms and provide a thorough workout routine for individuals looking for a new way to stay fit.

Who can attend Yokayam sessions?

YOKAYAM™ is designed for ALL fitness levels. NO prior experience is required. The program aims to increase strength and flexibility. After a number of YOKAYAM™ sessions, one can notice a notable improvement in the fitness level. If you have severe back pain, knee problem, high blood pressure, pregnant women, recent surgery and would like to participate in the YOKAYAM™  program, the trainer may be able to suggest alternative options. 

What are the benefits of attending this program?

Apart from learning these new art forms, YOKAYAM™ program also has the following benefits : 

  • Strength + Stamina + Flexibility 
  • Body Balance 
  • Hand-Eye-Leg Coordination 
  • Mental Focus & Memory Power 
  • Facial Muscle Exercises 
  • Control Bodyweight 
  • Unique & Fun Experience

Is Yokayam an ongoing class or a time bound program?

Yokayam is available both as an ongoing class as well as in a workshop format which is time bound, and you could choose the one that best suits your schedule. Ongoing class registrations will open in February 2020. We will post the schedule on the site before the registrations open. If you are interested in organizing a Yokayam workshop, please get in touch with us, we'll be happy to discuss the different options. 

What is the class duration?

Initial ongoing class sessions are usually an hour long. Workshop session duration may vary. 

Do I need to wear shoes for class?

Wearing shoes is NOT encouraged for YOKAYAM™ sessions. Any kind of footwear or even socks will hinder the performance in class. It is also a traditional practice that all the three art forms are performed barefoot. Hence we advice no footwear in the class.